Parumala Valiya Panayannar Kavu Temple

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Panayannar Kavu Bhadrakali Temple is located on the bank of Pampa river near Mannar. This temple is situated at adistance of 1km from Parumala junction in Thiruvalla - Mavelikkara road. Although this temple is one among the 108 Shivalayams, Bhadrakali is more famous than Shiva. Here Kali is called Panayannarkkavilamma. There are other Shivalayams in Kerala like Thirumandamkunnu, Kodungalloor, Kumaranalloor, and Chengannoor where the main Pratishta is Shiva but the importance is for Bhagavati. Panayannarkkavu is one among the three great Kali temples in Kerala. The other two are Thirumandhamkunnu and Kodungalloor. Mandala pooja, Shivarathri, Vishu and Thulam Aayilyam are the main festivals here.

Parumala Temple
Parumala Valiya Panayannarkavu North Nada
Panayannarkavu North Nada of Chantadum Bhgavathy
Parumala Valiya Panayannarkavu West Nada of Shiva
Panayannarkavu West Nada of Shiva
Panayannarkavu Sreekovil
East facing Sreekovil of Bhadrakali

The Pynannarkavu Yakshi

Yakshis were supposedly vampirish beings who possesses satanic powers and were known to prowl and stalk human beings. They have a penchant for human blood and flesh .They trap their victims , usually men in the guise of women who are voluptuous and radiates an aura of maddening lust . Any one born male would gape at her lascivious and lustfull apparition. The tender - hearted and indulgent lot would fall for her amoural advances . The victim, usually alone, falls in to a trance and finds himself following her as she beckons him to a near by cottage deep in the woods . Once he is inside the cottage , the Yakshi unveils her true self , which is actually a horrifying sight with fiery red eyes , long spear like dentures , blood dripping tongue and unkempt hair which stands out . Such an appalling figure and wild high-pitched animal screech like laughter would have already scared the living lights out of the victim throwing him in to a corpse like state . The Yakshi then quenches her thirst by sucking the life blood of the victim and the remains are left under the tree on which she dwells.

There was once such a famous , rather infamous Yakshi known as The Pynanarkavu Yakshi (Parumala yakshi) who was bound by the legendary hero Kadamuttathu achen(a friar). The story goes...... In olden days, the route from Thiruvananthapuram to Padmanabhapuram served as a route to traverse from Thiruvananthapuram to the west and Padmanabhapuram to the east. It was a lonely winding path coursing through an uninhibited and desolate area covered by dense thickets and woods.On the whole it gave a creepy and formidable aura.During that time ,a Yakshi arrived from somewhere , found this stretch of the road habitable but forsaking for human life . Quiet a number of people were reported missing , especially those who chose to travel by this particular route and people started avoiding this route as much as possible.Sensing a steady decline in the availability of her preys , the Yakshi encroached in to civilization and started preying on men in there own living quarters .Terror stricken and weary due to such enchanting bewitchments , the villagers took a defensive stance by conferring with well known witch-doctors and exorcists but was all in vain . The Yakshi continued her bestial sanguinary despite of the villager's futile attempts to drive her away . The news of this Yakshi spread far and wide across the land . Her news, also reached the ears of the legendary hero and priest Kadamuttathu achen ( an expert conjurer) and he set out to nail down this blood sucking creature . After a few days of search , he met her in her usual guise of a sensually appealing woman in need for lime- slick . The achen was astounded by her surpassing beauty but with out wasting much time he offered her the lime on an iron nail ,which the Yekshi refused to accept and retreated but the achen insisted on accepting the lime on the nail which actually had magical formula to deplete the Yekshi's power. Continuous persuation and persistence of the achen , led to a forcible acceptance of the lime by the Yekshi . She lost all her dark powers and became a slave to Kadamuttathu achen , who had actually driven the magic nail in to her head .

Parumala Valiya Panayannarkavu sarppakkavu
Parumala Valiya Panayannarkavu Sarppakkavu

Kadamuttathu achen had a very aged and old woman as a relative from his maternal side . This woman lived alone and the achen paid a visit to her along with the slave girl (Yekshi) and presented the slave girl as a help and companion to the old woman . The old woman was delighted and offered to prepare lunch for them . After lunch ,the achen laid down for an after noon nap while the old woman and the slave girl got to know each other, on which the old woman started to like the girl very much and after some time she offered to comb the girl's thick lush hair and while running the comb through the girl's hair, the comb snagged on the nail which the priest had secured . Alarmed at such an injury , the woman pulled out the nail upon which the girl vanished in to thin air.

Dumbfounded and confused the old woman woke up achen and related the incident . Upon hearing that the Yekshi had fled ,he too ran in the same direction and chased her . When she saw that the priest was following close at her heels, she increased her pace and both of them reached a placed called "Mannar" where she took the only boat and rowed across the pamba river and achen was left behind without a conveyance across the river . So he used his conjuring skills to bind the Yekshi at the opposite bank so that she was unable to move and was trapped . Again with his skills, he used a banana leaf as a conveyance and crossed the river.The Yekshi begged him ,not to destroy nor cast her in to the abyss . Kadamuttathu achen felt for her and made her to vow that she would never again be a threat to mankind ,but lead a peaceful life in the surrounding forest which is known as Pynanarkavu .

It is believed that she still haunts and dwells in this kavu (forest), invisible to the human eye ,but at times she has been cited by many people on several occasions, especially " Karuthavavu" and on Fridays .These sightings are described by the local people as an extremely beautiful woman or as a flying pillar of fire . To this day the Yekshi is known to have kept her promise to the legendary hero Kadamuttathu achen .

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