Pancha Pandava Temples in Kerala

Five temples in central Travancore region of Kerala - Thrichitat, Thiruppuliyoor, Thiruvaranmula, Thiruvanvandoor and Thrikkodithanam - are collectively called Pandava Temples. Legends of this temple are associated with Pandavas. After crowning Parikshit, Pandavas left for pilgrimage. They visited Kerala during their pilgrimage. In Kerala, each of them installed idols of Lord Vishnu on the banks of the Pampa and nearby places (Thrichittat - Yuddhishtra, Tiruppuliyoor - Bheema, Thiruvaranmula - Arjuna, Tiruvanvandoor - Nakula and Thrikkodithanam - Sahadeva) and offered worship. Malayali devotees believe that worship at all these five temples on the same day is especially meritorious. Devotees must visit Thrichitat Temple (in Chengannur Muncipality) first and then Thiruppuliyoor, then Thiruvaranmula, then Thiruvanvandoor and finally Thrikkodithanam temple. These temples are situated in Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Kottayam districts. Pandava Temples are also included among the 108 Divyadesams praised by 12 Tamil Alvars

Thiruchitat Maha Vishnu Temple

Thiruppuliyoor Maha Vishnu Temple

Thiruvaranmula Sree Parthasaradhi Temple

Thiruvanvandoor Maha Vishnu Temple

Thrikkodithanam Maha Vishnu Temple