Our Mission

Vaikhari was established on 28th February 2010. From then onwards it has been our mission to bring together and disseminate the Vedic and ethnic features allied with Keralam. We functions as a reference to the splendid Hinduism, the predominant religious tradition of the Indian subcontinent. Our attempt is to put all the cultural and conventional elements to the utmost pure form and spread them to every nook and corner. Here in Vaikhari, art, architecture, music, temples, notations form Vedic periods, culture, rituals, festivals etc form a blend to pave the way to know the meaning of Kerala as a whole.

We are trying to educate people about the right meaning of the Vedic and ethnic knowledge attributes of Keralam, the diminutive but elegant state embedded with immense natural, social and cultural assets. The ultimate aim of this effort is to make aware every citizen, the importance and divinity of the reign where he lives.